Top Computer Software Every User Must Have

Have you just bought a computer or are planning to buy one soon? Well, there is computer software you need. Each of the software plays its role. This article has outlined some of the best computer software every user should have.

Good Anti-virus

An anti-virus is among an essential computer software that you cannot do without. Some of the leading and efficient anti-viruses to consider include Bit Defender, Karspersky, Aviara and AVG anti-virus just to mention a few of them.

VLC Media Player

If you want to listen to songs as well as watch movies on your computer, then you will require a media. VLC media player is among the most sought after media players that you can acquire for the same. The software supports almost all formats of both audio and video formats.

Tune Up Utilities/ Registry Cleaners

Computer owners are also supposed to look for registry cleaners that can be used to get rid of errors and removing junk softwarefiles from their devices. A cleaner will make your device not only to run smoothly but also fast. You can choose Cleaner or any other registry cleaner that will keep your device at its ultimate level as far as performance of the same is concerned.

Image Burner

Do you know that you can use your computer to burn CDs or DVDs? Well, you will need an image burner to do this. One of the best image burners to consider is Nero. The software comes for free. You can also go for Img burner.

Google Chrome And Firefox

There are two top browsers that you should look for after buying a computer. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the best multi-functional browsers out there. It is advisable to have both browsers on your computer just in case one of them fails.

MS Office

A computer is not complete without MS office. Ms enables you to undertake different tasks including typing and filling spreadsheets among others.

Adobe Reader

Adobe reader helps users to read PDF documents as well as ebooks using the computers. It is one of the software that you cannot afford to lack on your computer.

Internet Download Manager

Internet browser iconsHow can you operate a computer without IDM? It is not imaginable to run a computer if you do not have an internet download manager. The software increases the download sleep of your PC by up to five times. You can take advantage of this software to improve the performance of your device.