Advantages Of USB Type 3.0

USB type C cable

Device to device connection has been made possible thanks to Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology. The technology has been of great importance to different devices such as smartphones, laptops, memory sticks and computer desktops. The USB technology has also been evolving its standards so as to improve its usability. The latest USB standard that is currently in the market is USB 3.0 standard, and it has been incorporated into many devices. USB type 3 cable is used to complete the connection between two devices and it has come with its features. Here are some of the advantages of type 3.0 USB cable.


Speed is one fadata cablesctor that cannot be overlooked when dealing with data transfer, and the good news is that USB has given special attention to this factor. USB 3.0 is ten times faster than its predecessor USB 2.0, and this has made it a darling of many people who would prefer speed over anything else. It has transfer data transfer rate of 3200 Mbps though it can go up to 4800 Mbps. Fast data transfer rate is because the cable has full duplex data transfer technology. In this technology, five data lines are dedicated to sending data while the five lines are reserved to receive data.

High Power

Occasionally, you would use a USB cable to charge your device such as a smartphone. This is because of the convenience that it provides and one instance is where you would like to use both your laptop and your smartphone. The cable has a unit load of 900 mA which is way higher than USB 2.0. This feature means that the cable ensures faster charging and recharging of devices. The cable is also capable of charging more than four devices are connected from a single USB hub.

In addition to having high power capacity, USB 3.0 has good power management. It works on an interrupt-driven protocol which ensures that there is no power drain when the connected device is idle.

Bi-direction Data Transfer

Unlike USB 2.0 which only supports one-way data transfer, USB 3.0 supports bi-direction data transfer. It can read and write data at ago, and this will not affect the speed of operation. The operation is possible because there is a pair of data lines, 5 for sending and 5 for receiving data.

Compatible With All DevicesUSB cable

The cable is compatible with both the old and new devices so long as the device supports USB 3.0 technology. It is also compatible with major operation systems such as Windows 7, Linux and even Mac.