General Information About Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the process by which students are taught from a virtual platform by tutors who are separated from them by distance and time. Online tutoring is powered by the Internet and other innovative technologies which allow tutors and students to interact and share information as well as study resources. The increased usage of computer technology in education has driven the popularity of online tutoring. The best online tutoring services engage students by using a whiteboard that is written by freehand or can be illustrated through the use of a keyboard or mouse.


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Online tutoring represents the online form of a physical classroom. Online tutoring is offered through virtual learning environments developed through learning management systems and tutoring services. Online tutors offer supplementary or remedial classes to one student or a group of students. The learning process is facilitated through online platforms where the tutors teach and illustrate to their students using whiteboards. Mostly, the approach adopted by most online tutors is different from the classroom set up to ensure that the sessions are interactive and impact on the progress of the student.


Online tutoring ensures that the availability of tutors on the tutoring platform is guaranteed mostly on a 24/7 basis this ensures that students get assistance when they need it. Moreover, online tutoring assists the students to gain a greater understanding of taught subjects which assists improve their academic performance as evidenced by their grades. E-tutoring tools also offer a wide range of study resources that are available to be downloaded by students for reference in their learning process. Interestingly, it is possible for a student to contract a single or multiple tutors to assist in their studies or retain a favorite one. The scheduling of classes is easy and fits both the tutor and the student and is not inconvenienced by travel struggles.

Popular tutoring sites

Interestingly, educational institutions have greatly invested in the development of virtual learning platform. This, as a result, has resulted in many companies developing applications and websites that allow tutors and students to link up. Some of the popular online tutoring sites include Course Hero, among others. These online tutoring sites assist students around the globe to cover their education curriculums and employ very qualified tutors to ensure that students attain the highest value at all times.


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Online tutoring is offered by well trained and qualified tutors. Most tutoring sites have very strict tests for their tutors which ensure that tutors give quality at all times. These tutors are remunerated on an hourly basis and have set payment rates. Payment is released through preferred payment methods. Online tutoring is very affordable and progressive.