The Best Headphones For Electronic Drums

The first headphone that one gets is the one that comes with the electronic drum. So many people don’t check out the once in the market until the once they have is damaged. And they have to purchase a new one that is when they notice the huge difference. You have found the electronic drum set that you wanted, one thing that is kissing is the perfect headphones to go with the electronic drum. The ddrums dd1 review is meant to inform the drummers on the the features of this drum. If you don’t get the right headphone, it will surely break the excitement you have, and it will be dangerous to your ears.

Best headphones

electronic drumsThis article will explain the four best headphones for an electronic drum. They don’t have to be expensive that’s why this list consists of two cheaper, one that’s not cheap or costly, and one that’s expensive. It does not mean if it’s cheap it does not serve the purpose.

Alesis DRP100 headphones

The Alesis DRP100 produce a sound that’s accurate, and they have audio isolation the will monitor the electronic drum when it’s being played in the studio, practice and when live performing. It’s designed for today’s generation, they come already voiced and fully built for its purpose in capturing the dynamics of the electronic drum kit. It comes with an incredible comfort because of over the ear feature. Also, it’s has a secured by a silicone which makes it stay in place and not distract you when playing on the stage or even at practice.

Vic Firth headphones

They are suitable for young ears as they give protection. From the start, if your kid is into drumming you will want to care for his ears. The Vic Firth are the best to go for because they reduce the overall noise by 22 decibels. Kids can jam for as long as they want without you getting worried.

Sony MDR 7506 headphones

The MDR 7506 come with an ear cup feature and this will reduce the fatigue. What’s more, it’s possible to reduce to lows and high due to the 10Hz-20Hz response that they have. After you put them on you will notice the sound difference they can be cold at times, but they will always give out the correct sound of how your music sounds. And this can be one of the reasons that they have been on the market for long.

Roland RH300v v-Drum headphones

Drum paddleThey have been manufactured in a way that you can easily monitor while playing the electronic drum. The feature that makes them produces accurate sound is that they have the RH-300V. They are a great fit because they have a cushion strap and have a closed up ear cup which means that outside noise will be isolated. It has an 8ft long cold which is long enough for any setup.