Top Five Classic Board Games You Can Practice on Your Smartphone

All generations always love board games. Here is the game of the previous half-century: baby boomers played board games and appreciated them. A few years later, computers were interconnected, and if games did not work in multiplayer mode, it was not worth playing. However, they are back in the digital platform and bring us directly to the first board games. Moreover, some board games played in a competition in which, as a result, many people try to get better at playing several board games. Thank the advance of technology; currently, they can be played on your iPhone or gadget to practice the online board games. The following are the top five classic board games you can practice on your smartphone. Check out on this site to obtain several tips to get better at board games.



Conquest operates more active, is produced for viewing and feeling like the traditional board game, and provides you scads of maps and choices. You can practice this game as it gives you better strategies to win the battle.


This game is designed by Electronic Arts. There is no great animated progression of the iconic guy in a top hat and monocle taking down Godzilla. There is no 3-D camera following the progress of a housing development under construction. No flashing screen says, “Finish Him! in case of home foreclosure. Many people consider this game one of the most successful games globally and have millions of big fans.


This game has to be on the list because scribbling is much better than Ladders or Chutes or many other options. But if you are not a purist, it works very well, and it looks like the real thing. This game is incredibly beneficial for all ages as it can enrich your words or terms vocabulary.

Shredder Chess

If you are an occasional fan of the game, you will find yourself among the many free programs. It offers several interesting graphics cards with characters, and, above all, it has the most effective chess algorithm on the application market. But do not hesitate, go back to a certain level of the game. It controls the results, lets you adjust the engine accordingly, provides accessories for training options, and includes many puzzles. It’s worth the price, whether you’re thinking about playing chess or want to analyze it. This game essential to practice your lethal movement in chess.

The Game of Life

EA has updated the iPhone tweaking, making it faster and joining a fantastic 3D view to your mobility. You and your mates or relatives will be entertained just like the first classic version until it ruins your battery (the usual way a “life” session ends). This game has many versions but still worth playing.