Use Your Smartphone as Productivity Tool

Fitness and health are all the rage these days, but a strict gymnastics program is necessary. With iPhone or Apple Watch (or maybe both), you can monitor everything from health markers like heart rate, glucose, blood pressure to calorie count, and exercise goals.

We’ve included a selection of programs such as Panda Helper, from cooking to fitness monitoring, for both iPhone and Apple Watch.


This health app is a program for everyone. You have to work your macros according to your fitness goals, and this version will do it. Your coach updates your macro goals, keeping you informed at all times. You can set multiple feeding goals. This means that you can have individual macros at different times, i.e., during training hours and days when you are not training or want to have a carbocycle, alternative fasting, etc.


8Fit makes life easier. In this user-friendly program, you can get exercises, personalized nutrition plans, and help, and it’s great for users at all levels of fitness. The program is focused and more familiar to you. Each semester lasts from 5 to 20 minutes so that everyone can fit into their day, and you will find countless home-made exercises and healthy recipes to choose from.

The Nike +

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This program provides you with everything you need for jogging. You will be able to understand the distance you ran, your speed, altitude, mileage, heart rate, GPS course, and it includes. You can use more than ten jogs, such as motivation, tips, and inspiration set by Nike athletes and coaches, and set your training schedule. Each exercise gives you instructions, descriptions, and some suggestions for your playlist.

The title gives you an idea of how to use the app and combines exercise and a healthy diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals. There are many recipes, nutrition plans, and you can see driving statistics and your improvements. There are over a million playlists of exercises, and the music will change according to your fitness rate. Choose a coach based on your aptitudes – military and gentle, demanding, hospitable, etc.


Like the current programs, Strava offers swimming, skiing, surfing, and other activities, but is famous for its working routing system and cycling. It is accurate, and one could even say that it is more like a network. The fear shows you much more, and your heart beats as you travel along the path that you have been running or cycling.


Please note that most of the programs will work on Apple Watch and iPhone, giving you the best of both rental and the world where you follow your fitness. Fitness seems to be the goal of individuals in 2020, and all these apps, individually or in combination, will help you achieve your goals.